I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Wilcox and the team and I would like to pay it forward by reviewing how amazing my experience has been.

This is my second IVF cycle and I decided to change IVF clinic from my first clinic near Hollywood area. I am 31 years old and I live in a small town up north in California (2.5 hours from LA). My first IVF experience did not go well, it took a long time for the nursing team to get back to me for each question, and I ended up paying a lot of money with multiple pre-IVF testings that I was told they are very much necessary before starting IVF cycle (the money I paid in total was much more than price estimate for one simple cycle IVF, and I ended up miscarried after few weeks after embryo transfer). I made a brave decision and decided to move to another IVF clinic. This time, I took time to learn more about each clinic and the team and finally I decided for HRC. That’s the best decision ever!!! I am now 15 weeks pregnant!!!

I know it may be difficult to read in a long paragraph so I would like to summarize what I love about HRC and Dr. Wilcox’s team.

1.  Dr. Wilcox himself has a very good bedside manner. Each visit takes not too long but I got all the information I needed. With my underlying PCOS and high risk of Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, He made a decision to start me on a GnRH antagonist protocol and Lupron trigger for egg retrieval. And I would say this is a very brave and smart decision because during my first IVF cycle, I used another protocol and got only 12 eggs, with 1 good embryos, and I ended up with miscarriage. This time with Dr. Wilcox, I got like 40++ eggs with many embryos. I was so grateful for the outcome because if I would like another child, I don’t need to worry about going through another Egg retrieval process.

2.  I would say Dr. Wilcox’s team is the main reason I chose HRC. Even if I am a medical professional working in California, I know from my heart that I will have more interaction and communication with the nursing team rather than a doctor during a long IVF journey. Teresa (the team lead RN for Dr Wilcox), is the first person in the team reaching out to me. Even before I decided 100% to proceed with this clinic, she gave me all information that I needed especially the exact timeline for Egg retrieval. She answers my emails promptly with a very helpful information. My work Schedule is very unique and sometimes I would work 10 consecutive days without day offs and I would be off for 10 Days without working. And it is impossible for me to get sick leave/day off with a short notice. So the team make it happen for me and they tried their best to schedule and squeeze in The egg retrieval process during my busy schedule. I appreciated this so much!! Also, every single appointment/blood draw/ultrasound, you will see the nurse in the clinical team soon after. This is the pattern in every single visit and the nurses are very helpful – thank you Rachel, Cynthia, and Nanette. Your coordination skills are impressive and this is really helpful throughout my IVF journey. I appreciate your lesson on how to inject intramuscular shots. Your technique works so well and made it much less painful.

3.  Financial and payments – I learned the lesson from my first IVF that after each visit, I would receive a bill from my insurance company as well as the clinic and multiple miscellaneous bills. This increase my stress level significantly during my IVF journey. I discovered that HRC has a all-in-one financial package that you can choose from. This means that you pay one time for everything including egg retrieval an embryo transfer up to two times if the first one failed. So we ended up paying everything in one bill. This is much easier and decrease our stress level significantly.

4.  The clinic itself Just moved to a new location which is beautiful. The environment is calm and everything is brand new so I think that’s a plus for each visit. We do Street parking so it is free and it has a very short distance to the clinic but There is also a garage parking with extra payments if you would like.

Wilcox Fertility Patient

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Wonderful Experience!

If you are still seeking an opportunity to complete your family, don’t hesitate, this is the place!  They’ve just moved to a newer building. The entire place makes you feel welcoming and relaxing.

Dr. WILCOX is very nice, kind, gentle, and professional.  He makes me feel super comfortable and relaxed for each of my visits. On top of that, his nurse team are all well trained and knowledgeable. My nurse is Theresa Wu and Linda Liu. They always respond to my questions and concerns patiently and quickly. Theresa Wu and Linda Liu are very efficient, caring, and responsible. If you had any questions that they might not able to provide you with an answer, they will respond to it the next day after confirmed with the doctor.  Theresa Wu is a really good at giving injections. The will not hurt you at all.

I highly recommend this place. Dr. Wilcox and his team’s professionalism and expertise will not let you down. 🙂

Wilcox Fertility Patient

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This is the place!

We came to see Dr Wilcox without really knowing anything about the process. Dr Wilcox and his amazing team went over everything in great detail and left nothing unknown. Through the entire process they have been super professional and yet compassionate. We could feel the love they have for what they do. We felt they want us to succeed. Dr Wilcox was very clear and specific regarding what we need to do to have a successful outcome and after following his advice and guidelines we are now holding our twins (in the first try!)
Bottom line – Dr Wilcox can help you make your dream come true!

Wilcox Fertility Patient

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Professional Yet Compassionate

Wilcox Fertility making dreams come trueI wanted to reach out and say thank you for literally helping our dreams come true! Our daughter is now 3 months old and is the sweetest most beautiful little girl. Thank you for everything you, Dr. Wilcox and the team did for us. We will forever hold you all in our hearts. Sending you all the love and blessings in this new year! Who knows, maybe we will be going for baby #2 in a few years!

Wilcox Fertility Patient

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Wilcox Fertility making dreams come true
Dreams Can Come True!

In four months, I will be the age of 40. I did an embryo transfer for the second time on Dec 22th.  Yesterday was the 14th day I did a blood check. Turns out I am pregnant. I am very happy to share this great news with all fertility moms.  Be positive, be confident!  If I can, you can too.

I am so happy that I found HRC fertility in Pasadena and a special thanks to Dr Wilcox, and my nurse Tiffany. They are both amazing and very well educated for older age women. The entire team at HRC is very welcoming and supportive. Words are not able to thank them enough for all they have done for us. God bless you, you made our family complete.

Wilcox Fertility Patient

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Be Positive, Be Confident!

Wow what can I say about my experience with Dr. Wilcox and his team!! My first impression of the HRC office was that that it was stunningly beautiful, the front office staff was very professional and friendly.

Teresa and Rachel were my nursing team and they were very supportive throughout my entire time as a patient. They were always a phone call or an email away whenever I had any questions. I felt fully supported from my first appointment until I finally “graduated” from their office to my current OBGYN.

Thank you Dr.Wilcox, Teresa, Rachel & the rest of the support staff!!!

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Very Supportive Throughout

Navigating the world of IVF and surrogacy can be an intimidating prospect, it’s even more intimidating when you’re a single parent. Everything was new to me and a major part of the process was choosing a clinic that would be clear, concise and candid about the process. I found Dr. Wilcox and the staff at HRC clinic made the process smooth and easy to understand.

Dr. Wilcox took the time to explain important details which helped me choose an egg donor who would yield the best chances for success and his feedback was critical in choosing the ultimate donor. He was 100% accurate in his estimation of viable embryos and his step-by-step explanation of procedures was professional, patient and left me at ease. Teresa and the rest of Dr. Wilcox’s staff was equally professional, timely in their communications and when the pregnancy became viable, provided heartfelt congratulations, which meant a great deal. I am happy to report my daughter was born healthy and brings joy to my life everyday. Thanks to Dr. Wilcox and his staff at HRC.

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Dr. Wilcox and Staff are Dedicated

On March 24, 2020, my husband and I graduated from HRC after getting a positive pregnancy test! We started with HRC, Dr. Wilcox and his team back in September of 2019. We did one round of IVF, decided to do the PGS testing and ended up with 2 embryos. The first one did not take, but I am happy to say that the second one did, and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant thanks to HRC.

The experience at HRC for my husband and I was truly great. The appointments were always on time, the staff was always friendly, the facility was always clean, our team of nurses – Nanette, Cynthia and Rachel were always available and answered my million questions, and Dr. Wilcox was calming, funny and determined. From our very first visit he was honest with us and made us both feel so comfortable and accepting of our situation. He did everything he could do so that we could get pregnant. Him and his staff were so professional and at the same time so loving that it truly made the experience so great for us. It was bitter-sweet on our last day. We were so happy to be graduating as a pregnant couple, but also sad that the bond we created with Dr. Wilcox and his team would be over.

I highly recommend HRC and Dr. Wilcox to anyone who has to go through this process. It can be a difficult one emotionally and physically, but, having a team that supports you the whole way is so incredibly important. Thank you HRC, Nanette, Cynthia, Rachel and Dr. Wilcox for being so patient and making it possible for us to have a baby when everything else was not working.

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Truly Great Experience!

Wilcox Fertility Patient TestimonialThree years into our journey of trying to conceive, we left our RE after several unsuccessful IUI’s and met with Dr. Wilcox, upon several recommendations. His calm demeanor, straightforwardness, knowledgeable background and strategic approach was just what we needed after many exhausting and disappointing years and we couldn’t have chosen a better doctor to navigate us through the IVF process.

In our initial consultation and exam, Dr. Wilcox was able to uncover the underlying cause of my infertility (misdiagnosed by three prior doctors). Just six months later, following our transfer, we received a positive pregnancy test for the first time in our marriage.

My experience with infertility inspired me to write my book, Hope Strong, as a means to offer support to those on this same journey – just as Dr. Wilcox provided us with the hope we desperately needed. We are grateful that God works through doctors like Dr. Wilcox to give couples like us a chance at a family. We feel very blessed.

Thank you so much Dr. Wilcox! You have a special touch, not only in helping us create a family, but also by personally choosing the embryo that is now our sweet boy Kai. We remain forever grateful.


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Wilcox Fertility Patient Testimonial
Hope Strong

Dr. Wilcox is truly the best!  Thank you for making our dream a reality – we wouldn’t be able to get here without you!

Patient O.

Truly the Best