On March 24, 2020, my husband and I graduated from HRC after getting a positive pregnancy test! We started with HRC, Dr. Wilcox and his team back in September of 2019. We did one round of IVF, decided to do the PGS testing and ended up with 2 embryos. The first one did not take, but I am happy to say that the second one did, and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant thanks to HRC.

The experience at HRC for my husband and I was truly great. The appointments were always on time, the staff was always friendly, the facility was always clean, our team of nurses – Nanette, Cynthia and Rachel were always available and answered my million questions, and Dr. Wilcox was calming, funny and determined. From our very first visit he was honest with us and made us both feel so comfortable and accepting of our situation. He did everything he could do so that we could get pregnant. Him and his staff were so professional and at the same time so loving that it truly made the experience so great for us. It was bitter-sweet on our last day. We were so happy to be graduating as a pregnant couple, but also sad that the bond we created with Dr. Wilcox and his team would be over.

I highly recommend HRC and Dr. Wilcox to anyone who has to go through this process. It can be a difficult one emotionally and physically, but, having a team that supports you the whole way is so incredibly important. Thank you HRC, Nanette, Cynthia, Rachel and Dr. Wilcox for being so patient and making it possible for us to have a baby when everything else was not working.