Team Spotlight - Video Gallery

John Wilcox, MD, FACOG has an outstanding clinical team which will assist you during your procedures at Wilcox Fertility.  We are in the process of creating our “Team Spotlight” video gallery which introduces Dr. Wilcox’s fertility team and also allows you to get to know each of the team members and what they actually do.  You may also visit the Wilcox Fertility YouTube Channel to see all of Dr. Wilcox’s educational videos.  If you like what you see, please subscribe for the latest videos!

Tiffany Tseng - Nurse Practitioner at Wilcox Fertility

Tiffany is our Nurse Practitioner who assists Dr. Wilcox.  Patients will become acquainted with her when they begin treatment during their morning clinical appointments as she may see you for your ultrasounds.  Tiffany also plays an important role when discharging our patients following procedures.