Wilcox Fertility Patient TestimonialThree years into our journey of trying to conceive, we left our RE after several unsuccessful IUI’s and met with Dr. Wilcox, upon several recommendations. His calm demeanor, straightforwardness, knowledgeable background and strategic approach was just what we needed after many exhausting and disappointing years and we couldn’t have chosen a better doctor to navigate us through the IVF process.

In our initial consultation and exam, Dr. Wilcox was able to uncover the underlying cause of my infertility (misdiagnosed by three prior doctors). Just six months later, following our transfer, we received a positive pregnancy test for the first time in our marriage.

My experience with infertility inspired me to write my book, Hope Strong, as a means to offer support to those on this same journey – just as Dr. Wilcox provided us with the hope we desperately needed. We are grateful that God works through doctors like Dr. Wilcox to give couples like us a chance at a family. We feel very blessed.

Thank you so much Dr. Wilcox! You have a special touch, not only in helping us create a family, but also by personally choosing the embryo that is now our sweet boy Kai. We remain forever grateful.