Navigating the world of IVF and surrogacy can be an intimidating prospect, it’s even more intimidating when you’re a single parent. Everything was new to me and a major part of the process was choosing a clinic that would be clear, concise and candid about the process. I found Dr. Wilcox and the staff at HRC clinic made the process smooth and easy to understand.

Dr. Wilcox took the time to explain important details which helped me choose an egg donor who would yield the best chances for success and his feedback was critical in choosing the ultimate donor. He was 100% accurate in his estimation of viable embryos and his step-by-step explanation of procedures was professional, patient and left me at ease. Teresa and the rest of Dr. Wilcox’s staff was equally professional, timely in their communications and when the pregnancy became viable, provided heartfelt congratulations, which meant a great deal. I am happy to report my daughter was born healthy and brings joy to my life everyday. Thanks to Dr. Wilcox and his staff at HRC.