My fertility journey began in 2006, when – at the age of 33 – I decided I wanted to freeze my eggs.  I certainly didn’t know anyone who’d done it, and it wasn’t an especially popular thing to do… but I knew I wanted to preserve my fertility, if I could.  That the technology was still new and far from fool-proof was something I kind of gleaned but I was willing to take the chance.

Thankfully – and I believe because he was the only doctor in Los Angeles doing egg freezing at that point – I was sent to Dr. Wilcox.  Cut to 2012, when my husband and I decided to fertilize the eggs.  Doctor Wilcox warned us that because of the limitations of the slow freeze technology, it was hard to know what would work.  We ended up with seven genetically normal embryos.  The first two transfers didn’t work, and any other doctor would have simply tried again and again… possibly using up all the embryos.

But Dr. Wilcox – true scientist that he is – figured out a new protocol about how to get these embryos to implant.  And he did.  I had my beautiful daughter in 2013.  My beautiful son in 2016 and I am currently pregnant with a third baby (a girl).  It is not an overstatement when I say I owe my family to Dr. Wilcox.  There is simply no one like him.  I live in Los Angeles and there are fertility specialists everywhere.  Including five minutes from my home.  Dr. Wilcox is one hour and fifteen minutes from me and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

Rarely, in life, do you come across someone as knowledgeable, patient and plainly gifted as Dr. Wilcox.  We are so fortunate that we did.

Wilcox Fertility Patient